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..For All the Bubble-Punch H8Rz ^^ =) LOLZ


  • bfloo
    14990 posts Member
    Sad part is you didn't even need the bubble against those players
    The Knights of Gareth are Eternal

    Pirate of the Knights of Gareth


  • As much as I hate bubble boys, this is comedy gold. So many unobservant players :D
  • zoe_7
    20 posts Member
    its so funny other people call the talent-less shooters "bubble boys" as well.
    battlefront isn't a boxing game its a shooter..EA really is the one to blame for all the stupid things they add.

    between this and jet packs this game is a total fail.
  • I never understand people who slam games in forums. If no likey, just quity
  • Ferrius
    30 posts Member
    edited April 4
    Punch 'em HAT0R$
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