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December CC

all buff for star card soldier


a lot of people talk about nerve, but I think it's also important to talk about capacity buff or star cards that are unused because of their uselessness or their low power


-basic capacité, scan dart,- +2seconds

-ion frenade, incrase a lot the dammage against vehicule, can to one shot the heavy using shild and bulle specialist and reduce the dommage against normal soldier
-flash pistol, exchange whith the gravitational gun of specialist
-acid luncher , increase the radius of the gas

-basic capacité, shield, + 50HP and -50 HP to epic shield
-mobile sentry, remove the reduced damage


basic capacity, tactic order,
have the officer earn 25 HP for each affected ally.
cumulative max 4 times

he only earns 25 HP if an officer is alone, and + 25 HP for each well-groomed ally (max x3)

-homming shot, remove alert looking for ennemy

squad shiel
2 solutions ;

- buff the hp of squad shield to 1400 HP white and 1700 for purple
- or add a bonus for soldier into the squad shild.

-neutralizer, increase the radius of two meters in an epic
6,5 meters white and 8 meters in purple.


- thermics binoculars, reduces 25% the coulddown to marking ennemy
- stinger, add a silancer to stinger like stealth effect or incrase the precision of thye stinger, you are not
accurate after 3 shots


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