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[PC] What about Extraction?


Need some... enlightenment about this mode.

It's kind of a cool one, a really cool one actually, but there's something about it: there's ONLY 2 MAPS!

So I was wondering... What about the other ones? I'm sure it's not impossible to do something like adding new maps to this map!

Sure it could take some time but still... No communication about a new mode is kind of worrying.

I'm sure that if new maps were added, I (for instance) would play it a lot more!

If someone (I pray for devs and CMs) have some information about it, please, let me know. I can't wait!


  • Most of the community has asked for the same thing.....we have asked for a while, but have gotten no response back.
  • Glad, willywonka7, to see that I'm not the first.

    Worried on the other side that nothing has changed.

    Sad now to think that nothing will change...
  • Supposedly the extraction mode has also been created in Tatooine-Mos Eisley and I think Naboo maps.....according to an old data mine.

    Maybe they are just waiting for a rainy day to roll that content out. A day when they will need more time to develop future content, like Ahsoka & Ventress. I mean they have to be working on something else pretty big besides the big game mode, unless the reason it has been delayed is to add a lot more content and make it a GIGANTIC update with lots of new vehicles/classes/and weapons added for the game mode.
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