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[PC] Builds for each class

Hello everyone,

So I've aked some questions about two "small" subjects right here and there, but here's the real stuff!

So let's say I'm a big player of two modes, for instance HvV and GA. These two modes have in common on point: heroes and villains.

So far I'm sure everyone is still following me.

For GA, I use a particular set of starcards (SCs). It's really effective for different reasons. But let's say a friend invite me for some HvV. Suddently, this build becomes a bit useless. Even more sometimes, completely useless.

What can I do? Well, I change my SCs. Simple AF.

But on the long term, it's kind of boring, exhausting even.

So right now I'm talking only about heroes and villains builds. 2 or 3 modes, that's it. But what if I talk about infantry? Well now, it's way much more than boring!

And GA, Extraction, Blast and Strike can be played very differently.

What's the solution? Simple AF: allow players to have multiple builds on each class, hero, villain, ship, so on!

Multiple games and studios have done it, so why not you DICE?

I really hope that it is something than can/will happen under the grace of the mighty SOON!

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