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[PC] Change attackers/defenders in GA


I'm ending my run on suggestions (and questions) for today with this one.

I'm a big fan of Endor in GA. I think it's probably the best map in this mode, I really feel the progession in the map, it's almost like living a true adventure!

Most of the time, I can do it as a hero, Obi-Wan, Finn, Luke.

But there is one thing I'd love to do: it's living that same progression as a Hero of the Dark Side! For instance Vader, or Kylo.

But as you all know, we can only do this if the Dark Side loses the three first points. And in my case, it's not happening very often.

So it's kind of frustrating! Don't believe that I'm bragging about my skill, I'm not. It's just that most of the time, I'm playing in squad, and most of the time, we manage to stop the Rebellion from moving forward.

So here's the idea: why not changing the attackers and defenders? Why the Empire couldn't attack and the Rebellion defend?

I'm sure someone very smart will say something really smart like "you know, it's not possible, for multiple reasons, such as the Empire can't attack for lore reasons, they're on Endor, it's their planet, etc." and another very smart guy would say "yeah, plus, you know, people are used to attack on Endor as the Rebellion, so you would f**k their minds up if you switch things".

To these two main arguments, I would like to answer this:
1. we're in Star Wars, one of the biggest universe ever created, so some detours can be take. In the case of Endor, why not change the scenario like this way: the Rebellion has taken one of the Empire's outpost, so it's has to be taken back! Use the walker to get to it!
Nailed it, simple as that! There's not much to change, like really not!
I'm sure that with a little bit of will, things can be done, it's really not much!
2. yeah, but please, stop taking people for ****! A simple voiceline saying basically "We're the Empire, we have to take back what's ours! Prepare this walker and get to it!" and that's it! Like it's really it!

I'm ready for some other really smart arguments, because I'd really like to see this happen! I'd love to see the Resistance attack on Takodana with the help of Rey, I'd love to see clones troopers saving their brothers by attacking Kamino, fall under the hands of the droids, and so on!

I just want a new experience, a slightly different one, because something, playing one or two rotations in GA in the same order, with same faction as attackers and defenders can be boring.

Anyway, that's it for me today, see you on the Battlfront!
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