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Bring back large event.

I was thinking about when this game first came out we had to pick a side.

Clones or cis winner 1000 credits losers 500 Friday event all cw maps and heroes only

Rebels Vs empire same as above with maps and heroes. Saturday

Resistance Vs 1st order on Sunday with the same as the first.

Everybody gets the sides they like and heroes and maps. Once you pick a side your locked in ie if you pick rebels every game mode your playing a rebel till the next day you can pick another side.

I think it would be cool for a event. Everyone that played for 3 hours each day would he a bonus 1000 credits if your side won everyday they would get a special arm band with a V on it.

What do you guys think? Imagine running around and see someone with a first order V on their arm meaning they kicked scum for three long days?


  • Sounds like a pretty fun idea. I've always wanted something where a series of games are interconnected, like we had with the TLJ event at the game's start and the ones who won got some pretty sweet rewards. My only fear would be too many players picking one side over the other, be it just personal preference canonically or their favorite heroes being on a certain side. Still, I think it'd be fun to play as an event.
    In my book, experience outranks everything.
  • Thanks.
  • I miss choosing factions like we did at the beginning. A cool and iconic idea
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