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Obi-Wan voice change

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While German community is going to have the right voice for Obi-Wan Kenobi, the rest of the community won't have his right voice. Germans are not the only one that must have the real voice from Obi-Wan. French, spanish, italian community, we want them too, from movies or TCW.

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  • I guess most of this community should be american...
  • I abandoned gaming in my language long ago, it ain't worth it, embrace English.
  • Zyder wrote: »
    I guess most of this community should be american...

    Don't know if you're french, itilian or anything else, but... I just talk to EA Star Wars France on Facebook, they answer they will talk about this request to the team in charge of the voice.

    I also ask Charles Germain the art director for Star Wars Battlefront II's voice in France, no answer yet. I suggest you to do the same thing, even if you're french, just to force people to make things change !
  • The English one isn’t that great, either
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