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A latecomer's impressions of Battlefront (2015)

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I skipped Battlefront 2015 when it came out for 2 reasons, firstly because it was original trilogy only which felt like a huge downgrade compared to Battlefront 2 (2005), and secondly because I didn't much care for what I played of the open beta. However, one day a few weeks before Battlefront 2 released, I saw the edition of the game that included all of the DLC on sale, and decided to buy it to practice before Battlefront 2 released. I played it some, still didn't like it much, and switched over to Battlefront 2 when it released. However, recently I decided to hop back into it since I've gotten a bit bored with Battlefront 2 due to the dripfeed slow DLC releases, these are my impressions so far, I just hit rank 21.

I have only played the small scale maps because I don't like any of the large scale game modes, so I am mainly referring to the maps that you get on Blast and Heroes vs Villains. Personally, I don't like most of these maps all that much. Several of them have really poor spawns that allow your team to get trapped in a section of the map, which is frustrating design to say the least. Most of the maps have long sight lines that make blaster pistols not very useful. So far I'd say my favorite is probably the Jawa map on Tatooine overall, while my least favorite is probably the

First off, there are some truly good weapons in Battlefront (2015) that absolutely need to be ported to Battlefront 2. I have found several that I like so far. However, I feel like the weapon balance is kind of poor, several of the DLC weapons seem kind of overpowered from what I have seen.

Star Cards
I just don't like the star card system in Battlefront (2015), several of these star cards like Bacta Bomb and Explosive Shot just seem way overpowered. There are far too many people running jetpack cards, and somehow people have found ways to exploit the jetpack to reach places that shouldn't be reachable (I can't even come close to reaching them with my own jetpack). Scatter gun is a 1 hit kill at ranges that far exceed the shotguns in other shooters that I have played. Then you have other star cards like the scout pistol that are way underpowered, giving you just 2 shots, and if you miss one of the 2 you're stuck in an animation of pulling your normal weapon back out that will likely get you killed. There just doesn't seem to be a concept of balance with the star cards at all, it like DICE just tossed in whatever cards they felt like without giving a single thought toward how to balance them.

Overall I don't like the heroes in Battlefront (2015) as much as I like the Heroes in Battlefront 2. The lack of health regen hurts them alot imo. That being said, I really like some of these heroes that are missing from Battlefront 2 and wish that DICE would add them to Battlefront 2 at some point. I especially like Jyn.

DLC is truly DICE's greatest failing in this game. Giving the DLC's their own playlists permanently instead of integrating them into the standard playlists after awhile was huge oversight by them. It is now literally impossible to find a match on any of the DLC playlists, I have searched on each of them and always get matched into an empty lobby after a minute or two. Because you can't play the DLC maps, you also can't unlock several of the DLC weapons like the Imperial Heavy Repeater because they have a challenge that requires you to play a DLC specific game mode. Even worse, several of these DLC maps don't have Arcade support, so you can't play them at all, not even with AI. Whoever was responsible for this disastrous DLC implementation should probably be tarred and feathered.

Overall impressions so far

There is no doubt in my mind that Battlefront 2 is a better game overall. It is more balanced, has content from all eras, has campaign that is pretty good, has better arcade functionality, and perhaps most importantly, it has DLC that you can actually play, even if the DLC output is ridiculously slow.


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