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Scoring in Star Fighter Assault

How does the scoring in SFA work?

I have hammered the objective and not killed many ships and come away with a rubbish score, other times I've not been able to concentrate on the objective as much and have finished with more kills and had a better score.

How does the scorring work in SFA?


  • It’s one of the mystery’s of the universe, I’m not sure anyone truly understands! :D
    Best to do a bit of both.
  • Do both... I still dont understand either. But I can tell you dont be a spawn camper. I
  • Do both.
    Play the Objective as much as possible but take out any enemies on your way to the Objective and in those breaks between one Objective and the next. Take out enemy Hero Ships if you get the chance.
    When Defending, take out as many ships as possible. Kill enemy Bombers first. Kill enemy AI reinforcements. Don't follow one ship around too long trying to kill it. Shoot what's in front of you. Take out enemy Hero Ships if you get the chance, but don't spend too much time focusing on one ship. Help out friendly ships and Hero ships if they're taking fire.

    You get extra points for Objective play, saving friendlies, killing Hero ships, kill streaks, and some other stuff that starts to add up.
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  • As said above you have to do both. It’s insanely counter-logical but hey, this is Battlefront 2. The less said the better.

    Nowadays it’s harder to get through all phases as more and mode players eschew the objectives in favour of dogfighting ending in matches being called early.

    All my fighters are full purple lvl 40 so I just PTO and see if I can get the worthwhile match I hope for.

  • Okay so I rack up some pretty big scores in SFA and I have a fairly decent understanding of the points system.

    For playing the objective you get minimal damage points for hitting it. If you are the one to destroy it you get either 500 or 1000 points depending on size of objective. (Bunker busters and Capitol ships you will get 1000, but single shield generators give 500)

    Killstreaking builds points rapidly.

    If you get a saviour kill you get extra points. If you avenge or get revenge kills you get extra points.

    If you get killed then respawn and kill someone you will get comeback points.

    The best way to get quick points though is to kill the top player in the game.

    You will likely get an avenge and saviour kill as well as extra points for killing top player.

    Oh and all of these points are severely reduced as a hero ship.for destroying an objective in a hero ship for instance you will gain only 50bp

    Although there are certain maps where certain hero ships gain BP and score at a normal rate.

    For instance on Unknown Regions with Poe I can get scores of upto 39000 with Poe and be left with 30k BP too. Where as with another hero ship the score is multiplied but BP generation is low.
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