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Battle Point Event
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Darth Maul Hooded Skin

This is a very beautiful skin, why the developers of BATTLEFRONT 2 will not add it to the game, what is the reason? Many Darth Maul fans want this. EA add this skin pls !!! Look at this, it's just a masterpiece: zvu32bhsd9qc.png


  • Why not ???
  • They need to add clone wars skins for darth maul too, like the general grievous like clawed legs skin but he would only have one light saber same with the other clone wars skin the one that looks more like human legs but they are still robot legs, then they should make the hooded skin you were talking about above and a episode one shirtless skin and then the star wars rebels show skin where he has a new double bladed light saber.
  • it could be like a community challenge
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