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Does everyone feel fulfillled with the flying in the battlefront games?

I feel more could be done. Rather than shoot this target, now shoot this target, imagine a battle where the teams have to fly together to overcome battleships and dogfight. Leave the carrier and it will keep spawning bots, do not destroy the interdictor and then ships cannot jump in or escape, eliminate the bot bombers (Y-Wings or Tie-Bombers....These don’t have to be bots). Each team player could have limited lives or spawn with a bot squad of wingmen/women/alien, objectives being overcome could refresh the lives. Basically, the decisions you make have consequences and will influence the battle.

Ships could take damage, you could repair or land in a hangar and commandeer another ship. If you die, you are back on the flight deck going through a preflight check before launching from a hanger to recommence battle.

Rather than emotes you could give your wingmen instructions - aggressive defence / advance screen / objective focus etc.

But ultimately a team would need to work together to win the day.

I enjoy flying, but seldom do as I find them simple debris fields on rails.

Just imagine jumping onto the battle not knowing what you will face, or what you will need to do to win the day.

What do you think?
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