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Wampa on Hoth, Stage I

Wondering if the Dev Team could implement an AI bot of a Wampa to randomly reside in one of the caves of Hoth with a frequency of anywhere from ~8 - 15% of the time. (I.e., not often.)

If any one approaches the Wampa's vicinity, it attacks. If no one is in its vicinity for some time, maybe it stalks passerby's of one of the cave entrances. Perhaps it could/would preferrentially chase those riding tauntauns, possibly dragging the dead tauntauns back to its lair afterwards?

The Wampa would have some ~300 - 600 health points and dish out ~50 - 150 points damage per claw swing?

Just to spice up the Hoth GA a little more. :)


  • Excellent idea.
  • I wish. Remember when Wampas in the background of the Hoth concept art was a big deal.
  • Good luck. Wampas on Hoth seems like a no brainer. Maybe we’re all crazy to think this?
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  • I wish. Remember when Wampas in the background of the Hoth concept art was a big deal.

    Twilight Hoth map had the Wampa in a cave. Also a frozen Taun Taun.
  • Much creativity I sense in you.
  • RogueZeroRendar
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    Wouldn't it seem very crazy if someone came and said: You know what would be awesome? A Ronto walking about in the streets of Tatooine, slowly, and it could stay in its rear legs if you startled it. It could be a hindrance to players, but especially to vehicles like the X-34 Landspeeder...

    I'm totally in favor of this Wampa idea, restricted to the caves so it doesn't become annoying. The Ronto one I find a terrible idea as it's always present, if it wasn't always present maybe it would be nice.

    But then who will give support to crazy ideas like these, in the state this game is now? Lack of new content, lack of repurposed old content, lack of BUG fixing, lack of gameplay testing, lack of good balancing ideas. People nowadays only focus on what they really want, as DICE rarely addresses anything we ask for.
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  • In my mind they are working on a surprise March game mode that will randomly be inserted in GA.

    It will say travelling to Hoth.

    You spawn with your team for what looks like a night map.

    Both teams start fighting when the at-at is no longer seen because of a blizzard.

    Then 10 AI wompas 5 for each side starts attacking. The first person dies of wampa attack becomes the wampa. Infection battlefront style.

    Both teams can work together or shoot each other. If you are shot by the enemy team you respawn back to the start point. Each side has a ship on the other side of the map.

    The team with the most survivors win.

    The mode would spawn around every 3 Hoth maps. It keeps you playing the so you can play the new mode.

    Then later in the year sand people, geonision, Ewok, Wookie revenge (you will tell because no wookies can be selected, gungons.

    Still dreaming oh well.
  • CarapaceonMenace
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    Not that I dislike the idea but let's go further and expand upon Ewok Hunt, making it Hunt, featuring various planets and their indigenous species.

    Wampa Hunt would please me.
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  • Good luck. Wampas on Hoth seems like a no brainer. Maybe we’re all crazy to think this?

    Not crazy to think of it but certainly crazy if you think it's coming
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  • Great idea!

  • I should add - if/when a teammate is attacked or dismembered by the wampa, it's existence ought to be indicated to the rest of the team on the radar or some other rather obvious sign at the entrances of the cave (Slippery When Wet-ish Dangerous If Enter, yellow placards, etc.).
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