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Ooops! I Did It Again! 8 Different BUGs exposed while achieving a 41 Killstreak with Rey in HvV

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This is a reference to a previous topic I opened here not long ago:

While playing battlefront 2 I'm always paying attention to any types of BUGs I might find. And then I'm always reporting them to EA/DICE with as much detail as I can so they can do something about it. They may be a bit slow to fix things, and they have an overwhelming number of BUGs unsolved that are really old already. But they have been fixing things, and they have been doing this better and quicker then ever before, so I'm grateful my work has been serving its purpose.

So when I achieved this milestone to me with a flawless 41 killstreak as Rey in HvV, I needed to quickly review my match to see all the bugs I've experienced and report them back in Answers HQ. However, this match had its audio not recorded, so this really slowed my work to post it as I needed to fill it with music, and then I decided to edit it a bit to show the BUGs while the video is being played. So here it is:

The BUGs are the following:

Maul's Choke Hold Throwing in Random Directions BUG (
Maul's Choke Hold sends people in totally random direction. It's unpredictable. Before it complied with the weird physics of the game. Now even a completely motionless player may be sent towards Maul by a Choke Hold (which should send people away from maul). This BUG was stated fixed in one of the latest updates, which were after this recording, so there's a chance this BUG was already fixed.
Disabled Block BUG (
This one is notorious. I've reported a method on how to reproduce it in a testing environment back in April. We're in 2019 already, and this BUG is still here. In this one, for various reasons, a Blocking Character (sabers, except maul) can suddenly lose the ability to block any incoming hit. But this one can be fixed in-game by a method other then dying/respawning. If you spend all your stamina while this BUG is in effect, just as the stamina starts refilling, your block will return to normal.
Rey's Dash Strike Visual BUG (
This one is a consequence of the previous one. Whenever Rey is affected by the Disabled Block BUG, her Dash Strike gets this weird effect. It may not happen. It may happen more then once. But it usually happens once. Besides the visual bug, nothing else really is affected, everything behaves as normal.
Rey's Dash Strike Orientation BUG (
I've also reported this long ago. In this BUG, when Rey uses Dash Strike, and for some reason her character model isn't looking to the same spot as the player's camera, she won't go towards where the camera is pointing, but rather to where her character model is facing. This usually creates small tilts when used (but enough to make you miss the target or fall to your death), but sometimes it can be as big as 180° tilt (check video on the Report Link). This also isn't restricted to a single hero, but any rushing character can experience this bug with their rushing ability (Luke, Yoda, Maul are other examples).
Phasma's Droid Immune to Lightsabers BUG (
Phasma's Droid, and any structure, became invulnerable to Lightsabers in one of the patches since Grievous's release. You simply can't damage them with a lightsaber. In this video I simply ignored it, instead of showing the bug itself. I'm glad that in the Chosen One's update patch notes they state this BUG will be fixed.
Shaky Camera During Forced Movement BUG (
Shaky Cameras are a problem since launch, but it wasn't until now that almost always a forced movement effect will cause the camera to shake like crazy. Kylo's Pull and Obi's Push have been effective in reproducing this BUG.
Dodge Stuck BUG (
This BUG is a very serious and recent BUG that infuriates anyone who experiences it. I made a video showing this BUG with a lot of detail so devs might fix it fast. It happens by dodging in weird geometry, which causes the character to get stuck until a staggering, immobilizing, or foced movement attack/ability frees him. Fortunately the Chosen One's update patch notes state this BUG will be fixed.
Bad Collision BUG (
This one is very simple: some places allow characters to enter but not leave, and we label them Bad Collision Spots. So another one was found in Starkiller Base.

I hope this shines some light into these BUGs and help EA/DICE to fix them faster.
Tired of BUGs?
Well, they'll still exist.
But visit the Rogue Bros Channel, there we document many BUGs and possible workarounds for them. There's also gameplay and other videos related to EA's Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)
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