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Updated hero tweaks to balance play with new characters

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edited February 27
All heroes HoK or health regen (palp and Iden) should be passive and not take a card slot

All characters aside from the 4 new ones (Grievous, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Dooku) should get 50 additional health regen.

  • 120 damage base and 150 from behind
  • 120 rush. And his rush should break through block partially causing 40 damage.
  • Repulse should do 150 damage.
  • Buff his cards - stamina increase to 30%, rush immunity to 50%, deflection mastery should add 20% damage to deflections

  • Rush should partially break through block causing 60 damage
  • Saber throw needs to be fixed to work like it did at launch!
  • Should do 150 damage with basic strike from behind
  • Choke throw should do 100 damage

  • Dash should break through block
  • Should do 150 damage with basic strike from behind

  • Jump as high and run as fast at basic Jedi
  • Push should do 150 damage base and 250 at charge
  • Should do 150 damage with basic strike from behind
  • Should be able to block lightsabers 1 or 2 hits - very low stamina

  • Defensive Rush should have him moving 25% faster
  • He should be able to jump out of Defensive Rush
  • Defensive Rush should be able to be triggered while blocking
  • Mind-trick should be reworked to stop all offensive capacity, abilities, and blocking - and only allow characters to run, jump, and dodge. If boba is on the ground he should not be able to startup his jetpack, but if he's in the air, it should not knock him out of the sky.

  • Freeze should release after 400 damage

  • Should do 150 damage with basic strike from behind

  • Big deal should not slow him
  • Regular HoK

  • Increased damage of blaster especially at range
  • Decrease recoil
  • Smoke should slow opponents and increase damage taken by 25%

  • Make shield inside cause damage to villains at rate of dioxis

  • Concussion missile should cause 50 damage if it hits directly

  • Should have full HoK

  • Should have full HoK, but against villains it should cap at 50 (not 100)


  • Raices
    1131 posts Member
    I would add this:

    Vader- should do 150dmg with force choke
    Should have 15% dmg refuction with rage on(without the card)
    Should inflict 150dmg with rage on(saber swings)

    Boba-should have 600hp

    Chewie-should have 250 health regen

    Maul-furious throw shoud inflict 200dmg
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