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Buff chewie

How many of us have enough points to get a hero & just look chewie over? Chewbacca is a bottom tier character for GA he's just so terrible & here's some suggestions.

Chewies description is that as a wookie he can withstand the toughest of blows yet he only has a base of 650. 650!! He's a wookie which are tougher than humans yet he has such little health. My suggestion would be chewie has a base health of 750 with star cards 900 & a max regen of 250. His hok should be tied to his blaster & just so he isn't op his blaster should overheat in 8 shots & 4 fully charged shots overheats his bowcaster. His charge slam should do 200 damage & 250 with the card & give him 60% damage reduction while using it. & there you go a viable hero for GA & a strong pick in HvV again
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