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Clone commanders

So with the clones I think it prudent to give them there respective jedi general i feel that in MY OPINION these characters would best serve us on the front lines and give the game more variation, I will create 4 pages for counter saber villans. Ashoka and padmé are non inclusive due to hearing them coming!

104th battalion:
Jedi master Plo koon
Abilities: lightning judgement, force wave, sabers hurdle

327th star corps: this is a no brainer
Jedi Master Aayla Secura
Abilities: Kinetic warden, back grip slash, lunging plumit

I know that yoda had control of the 41st elite corps however not until later in the war on kashyykk as it was under direct control on Luminara Unduli at the start of the clone wars.

41st ranger elite corps: Jedi master Luminara Unduli
Abilities: Pommel whip, Telekinetic burst, force expunge

91st recon corps
Jedi master stass Allie
Abilities: rejuvenate, force mend, shatterquake

87th sentinel corps
Master Saesse Tinn
Abilities: air support, flurry strike, mass confusion

181st armor devision
Abilities: force blast, aquatic advantage, slashing frenzy
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