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New Sabers villans

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edited February 27
Asajj Ventress
Abilities: double saber, unvrivaled grip, twin lunge

Savage Opress
Abilities: thunderous flurry, roundhouse, double saber smash

Seventh sister: Single blade ignition , droid disruption, spinning throw

Grand Inquisitor: Guard, spinning deflection, force trap

Mother Talzin:
Not exactly a lightsaber wielder but a witches sword will do,
Abilities: Green with envy, dead rising, defensive offensive shield

And finally brings us to papa palps himself
I believe giving him a 4th ability to swap to a more close quaters fight would be beneficial as he is the darksides chosen one. Swapping out his lightning loadout for twin sabers and one lightning attack and replacing dark aura and electrocute with force scream and pulverise (locks two lightsaber hero's onto his two lightsabers enventually sending waves of pain into the enemy. Also include red emperor robes and darth sidious outfit from cw
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