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Emote Wheel Feedback

Firstly, I'm a big fan of emotes. I know they can be a tad triggering at times but I feel it adds a level of personality to the game and your character. Nothing like getting into a little back and forth emote war with somebody in Blast or HVV. I've even ended up making some good friends through this. Emotes are great.

In terms of the Emote Wheel, in theory, it's cool. Being able to have 8 emotes is great. However, one of the main complaints with emoting in Battlefront 2 was that they took too long to initiate. The Emote Wheel only makes this worse. Now it's a two step process to emote instead of one.

It's clunky, it makes the whole thing much less smooth and it interrupts your gameplay with that gigantic emote selector wheel. Getting an awesome Freeze - Pull multi kill with Kylo, standing on the edge and emoting used to look so slick and almost film worthy. Well, now it just feels pointless. Hang on while I pull up this massive dart board and rummage through my emotes until I find the one I want.

I am well aware that emotes and the Emote Wheel are not a priority when it comes to development time, nor should they be, but I encourage the devs to take another look at it and see if they can smooth the whole thing out. Right now I personally preferred just having to tap either left or right on my D pad to active an emote. The prefect fix (IMO) would have been simply adding a 3rd emote to the up D pad.

Anybody else find this new Emote Wheel ruins all the fun when it comes to emoting?

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  • this thing is clunky just like you say. it takes ages to properly taunt somebody
    PSN: computerson
  • I know! Now I have to work even harder at being a poor sport! o:)
  • By the way, When are you guys going to add a teabagging emote for the regular troopers?
  • Spergicide wrote: »
    I know! Now I have to work even harder at being a poor sport! o:)

    This thread isn't about whether being emoted in an online MP shooter hurts ones feelings or not. Let's try to stay on topic, which is how the Emote Wheel itself works or doesn't work. Cheers! o:)
    PSN: BucksawBoushh
  • DarthJ
    6454 posts Member
    Its definitely clunky I agree. Most annoying is going to emote then moving a slight step to the left and it knocks any animations off. I preferred the d pad button per emote.

    However, if they brought in tactical emotes I would see more sense in this. Things like 'move up', 'flank' etc. Although my tusken emote would still stay in regardless.

    P.s. I miss you @BucksawBoushh
    PSN: ibrajoker59
  • I agree, but for me this is a non-issue compared to all the other stuff that needs fixing.
  • Lets put it this way. I won't be emoting anytime soon.
    Resources should have gone to new blasters and maps.
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