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Coruscant Community Transmission (Concept)

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Coruscant Map Concept


Capital Supremacy

As seen in the explosive beginning of Revenge Of The Sith, Coruscant will include a Capital Supremacy that starts in space. After the CIS or Republic capture enough command posts placed in capital ships, the ships will crash onto top levels of Coruscant. Once this happens the clones and droids will duel it out in the nearby Jedi Temple, where locations such as the Jedi Archive Library and Council Towers will promise a fun fight that will end in the most capture points taken in space and on the ground.


Galactic Assualt

This mode would take place in the lower and darker levels of Coruscant, where the Republic and CIS will fight through cantinas, apartments, and the Senate Building. The Republic win if they manage to recover holocrons that the CIS stole from the Jedi Temple. The CIS win if they secure all of the holocrons in dropships placed in verious floating streets. 3 Holocrons are placed on the CIS to start with, and essentially, a game of capture the flag is what follows.

New Mode: Order 66

An exclusive mode to Coruscant maps, this will entail Clone Troopers hunting down Jedi in the Jedi Temple. If the timer runs out and Jedi are still alive then the Jedi win, but if the Clones manage to destroy all the Jedi, the Clones Win. For every Jedi that is killed, they will respawn as Clones. Similar to how Ewok Hunt works.


Blast,HvV, Strike, and Extraction

These modes would be taking place in two maps that all of the above stated modes will use, the Senate Building and the Jedi Archive Library.


New Vehicles:

Republic: Coruscant Speeder, Clone Police Gunship.



CIS: Bounty Hunter Gunship, Spider Crawlers.




Thanks for reading my ideas. Comment below if you liked this Concept for Coruscant coming to Battlefront 2. Hopefully a Dev or Moderator might take a peek.

(I would expand onto this CT concept if I had the time and the materials to do so, but for now I'll leave it as is. I could, one day, add damage values and better images or simulations rendered to show ideas of new vehicles.)

I'm the sarlacc that ate Boba Fett. I wish I hadn't because he was a favorite by many fans and an underdeveloped character.

Check out my concepts of a Coruscant Community Transmission Here:
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