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November Community Calendar

Clone skins problem solution!

Hello everyone,

Alot of players including myself have a problem with the many different clones that can run around on the same planet/battle.

Phase 1 and 2, and all different legions can all be mixed and matched. Though all players can choose their favorite skin, there is a better option in my opinion.

In the customization menu, make these 3 options available:

Canon mode:
The clone legion you will play as, and will see other players as, is decided by which map you play.

For example: Kashykk have the green armored clones, Naboo has the red armored, etc.

Legion mode:
The player can choose any phase and legion on any planet. The phase and legion the player chooses, will be applied to other players so that the player sees all other clone players being te same legion and phase as the player has chosen. The legion can be switched during gameplay.

For example: Player A and B play the same match on Geonosis. Player A chooses phase 1 shiny armor. For player A, all other clones he sees have phase 1 shiny armor applied to their classes. In that same match, player B has chosen the phase 2 212th skin. Player B sees other players’ clones with applied phase 2 212th skin.

Custom mode:
Like it is now, all phases and legions can be found in the same planet/match.

What do you think of this solution? And what mode would you pick the most?


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