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Luminara please.

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I have a question for you all do you think that the specialist mirialan skin looks like Luminara if so would any of you want to see her return like she was in 2005 bf2 why not. My idea for her abilities.

Pommel bash - luminara would strike up to 4 enemies using force speed to hit them for a number of second's the enemies would become Imobile, up to 8sec's

Telekenetic storm - raising both hands with the force Luminara sends debris from all around such as earth, rocks, even maybe destroyed STTAPS at enemies in a 360 diameter.

Spiritual ward - kind of like a buff and defensive ability at the same time cools all surrounding players weapons onto yellow, and puts a ever so visable force bubble that slows anyone silly enough to get caught in it last sort of like leia''s shield.

Edited clickbait title. ~Rtas

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