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After Ventress and luminara/ Padmé and Aurra Sing

So padmé is a very promising character to bring this game back as she has so many amazing appearance''s to choose from, a remade queen Amidala in the red would look amazing with these graphics, and maybe 3 other of her amazing outfits including clone wars white jumpsuit.
For her main blaster I think the stinger from the specialist class but does more damage.

Senators will:
Padmé equipts an electro staff to defend aginst sabers for a short time, also increases her health for a short period.

Die Droids die!:
Changes from her standard blaster to a droid blaster rifle with burst fire similar to leias ability.

Double Drop kick: with sheer adrenaline the senator jumps of one target and kicks upto 4 around her.

Aurra sing:
Weapon: dual blaster pistols


Tracking target: with Aurra''s implant she can sense all nearby enemies hiding all friendly from map and any other troop tracking device for a short period, also locks onto a specific target

Assassin''s Anguish: quick swapping to her long barreled sniper aurra fires rapid bolts at enemies weather covered or not.

EX jedi:
With much resentment in her aurra equip's a red colored vibroblade for a duration lunging it into anyone close enough to her
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