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Various tidbits

Personally I love this game but it lacks variation, personally I would like to see the aliens that are male and female be playable for all classes love the idea of being a t'wilek office also having customisation for the "back up classes" in many ways and as much as I hope ashoka and padmé would be the next hero's it's becoming slimmer, however I do believe there is a way to solve this, ashoka would take the Dev team a considerable amount of time to create her. So I offer the alternative Padmé would be perfect alongside and many would disagree, but she was one of the first jedi master''s to appear in clone wars, Luminara undulI. We currently have a specialist skin in game that is an exact replica of her so to me it would make sense to remove that skin in particular and remodel it to a bigger better hero, then alongside as villans Aurra Sing as well as Asajj Ventress as they both had significant rivalries with the other. Maybe add 2 planets such as Alzoc 3 and Alderaan as these were both planets that were used during the clone wars. Following that I belive for the fans rogue one content would be prudent, Jyn Erso and Director Krenic with that final planet in the movie then back to Ashoka tano and The Seventh sister shortly followed by Hera Syndulla and Admiral Thrawn, with planets best suited for this era.

General fixes desperately need:

Palpatine - block developed from BF15 in order to give him a better survive rate, and more skins for him maybe a clone wars one and his red revenge of the sith robe.

Yoda - Holding unleash should also block sabers if held, but not for long at a 360 angle .

Maul - Blocking needs to be incorporated. For lightsabers and blasters spin is insificent.robot legs outfit.

Leia - shield would work better if damage was caused to intruders, also her last jedi outfit that's actually in the resurrection dlc would look more realistic on Crait rather than 26 yr old leia.

Iden - just needs a different L1 + R1 ability maybe something with a but more Boom for your buck and Her storm s trooper headless skin would look awesome.

Don't get rowdy and leave dispereging remarks , these are my opinions back handed insults are clear.

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