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The Mother of All Improvement Suggestions for GA.

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Given that it is unlikely GA maps will change in the near future:
  1. Cost for Heroes / Villains needs to go back to 6,000 / 8,000 BPs.
  2. No heroes for either side in Stage 1 & 2 (this is a shooting game with a SW theme to it). Max 2 heroes / side thereafter.
  3. If a side has a hero advantage in Stages 3+ of 2 to 0, then the system automatically dispatches AI bots to challenge said heroes or villains. Not impossible to beat, but enough to keep them over-whelmed: droidekas, e.g. that harass LS jedi in Republic/Separatist matches, wampas on Hoth (for either-side), K2SOs on DSII, K2SOs or Ewoks on Endor, Kanji-Klub soldiers for Crait, Jakku, SK-Base episodes. And those AI bots only harass the jedi/villains; teammates could shoot/bomb the AI bots. This will help 'balance' the equation.
  4. Damage Reduction is turned off for all Heroes / Villains.
  5. Permit teammates to pick-up / acquire one item off a dead teammate---blasters / ordinance / turret. Have it carried similar to Ion Shots (but sans the Big Red Attack Me Sign. In the case of a blaster, it can be used (normal base-line cooling) until the player swaps it out (via 🔼 triangle key hold). Otherwise, once placed or thrown, regular star cards resume. Items could lay on the ground for a period of 5~15 seconds after the body disappears.
  6. Still want to see the pace of Galactic Assaults slowed down by 15~25%. (Damage from Ion Shots and pace of walkers/MTTs/ATTEs, et. al. should be reduced accordingly as well.) Endor always feels rushed, don't know why... .
  7. Random wampas on Hoth. Hiding in the caves, waiting for prey from either side. Attacking unsuspecting players just outside the cave entrance on occasion. Favorite item to attack - tauntauns.
  8. Sollust - magma troopers. Scarif - shore troopers. Hoth - snow troopers. Tatooine / Jakku - sand troopers. Endor - forest troopers. (Death Star II - N/A.) Those skins should be available as upgrades (say 10~20,000 credits?). When worn on appropriate locations, those troopers should get a 10~20% bonus on health & regen health 10~20% faster for those locations. Each of the base-4 classes needs it own skin, equip them automatically if the player has purchased them. But, we need those B2015 maps back if new ones cannot be easily created. This will increase renewed interest in the original series episodes.
  9. Wider variety of weapons, ordinance, turrets for the base-4 classes. ... Please! What happened to the ION Grenades from BF2015??
  10. Ion shots from the S-5, e.g. -- make sure the code properly deals out damage to all mechanical items - ships, vehicles (such as AT-ATs, AT-TEs, AT-STs, MTTs, etc.), turrets, and mech-units --- the whole of the Separtist army, essentially. I have a strong suspicion the code is not as robust as one would want when it comes to ion weapons.
  11. Scoring Incentives -- Increase the Objective BP Bonus for all team members if an Objective is reached, or, conversely, if an objective is prevented. Say, on Kamino - if the Separatists only reach Stage 2 when the assault ends, the Republic team is given the Bonus x2 (one multiplier for each stage not reached, Stages 3 & 4 in this case). The Droids are credited with 1x Bonus. Suggestion of 30~50 credits or 3~500 BPs per stage.
  12. Secondary Objectives ⇒ Drop Pods. Say on Kashyyyk, the Droid team is over-running nearly all your ION shot positions. A secondary objective would be to call for a drop-pod to be sent down from above, BF2015-style. In which 3 single-use ION disruptors would be tossed out on the ground. A single-use "call button" and "drop spot" could be placed / located far from the front, near the spawn points of the Republic troops. On Kamino, where ION shots do not exist, a drop-pod may contain 3 ION Grenades. On Jakku or Star Killer base, for the Resistance fighters, 3 thermal detonators. The opposing side may also benefit from such. Shield generators, turrets, E-web turrets, etc. This is one of those things that could be brought forward from BF2015 to beef up GA.
  13. Secondary Objectives ⇒ Strafing runs, orbital strikes, or air defense. Certain single-use "call buttons" to either have a directed Air Strike (strafing run - like in episode VII, First Order calling it in on Rey & Finn at Neema Outpost) or a classic Orbital Strike. This would only make sense for out-door locations. Air Defense would be ideal to assist with air support over a location - air cover over Naboo, Kashyyyk, Crait, SK-Base, Tatooine, etc. It would pummel any space craft (from Tie fighters to snow speeders to LAATs) in the vicinity for a short period of time. Players in such craft would have to dodge fire for a period of time - maybe 10~15 seconds? - from a barrage of short-range fighters sent in.
  14. Secondary Objectives ⇒ AI bots assistance. A special "call button" could bring in 4~8 AI bots to assist in sweeping the area of opposing forces for a brief time (perhaps until they are destroyed/killed?). While Rebels may shout "For Jedda!!" as they off-load from a U-wing, droids might shout something like "For First Battle of Geonosis When The Jedi Should Have Died!!" or something awkwardly humorous. These AI bots should not be fantastic warriors - maybe give them 100 health each, and a shot-hit-rate depending on range akin to 50~75% accurate, with shots doing 50% of normal fire; i.e., give the opposing side a chance to clear them out with some ease.


  • Bring back list servers and open up modding community to give game longevity. Would rather see an all in one map port of bf 1 2015 to 2 and would be happy to pay for bot options for offline. Bare minimum bots need to exist to populate unpopular maps on PC for both BF 1 and 2. I would pay full price for addons like original bf 2 2005 edition and gameplay. Would love to be able to skin our own player with face photo etc. this engine looks great and would be better suited for addons than rushing out bf3 unless bf 3 gives us everything we hoped for including bf1 bf2 content.
  • Bensidius
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    edited March 2019
    Also what need changed on Ion Distruptors is stop doing melee move ffs! Often end up getting killed after firing it since unable roll in time, because of character decides to do melee swing.
  • They really just need to fix in game bugs and that the teams are balanced and we stop this steamrolling nonsense every game.

    That's it those two things need to be corrected and then it's fine.
  • bfloo
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    They really just need to fix in game bugs and that the teams are balanced and we stop this steamrolling nonsense every game.

    That's it those two things need to be corrected and then it's fine.

    Stopping the constant steam rolls might make ga playable.
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    bfloo wrote: »
    Stopping the constant steam rolls might make ga playable.
    Which is relatively easy to remedy:
    The side getting steam-rolled (by monitoring kill-count, health or MTT/AT-AT/etc., &/or squad size), can be given a number of temporary consumables:
    1. Shorter queue wait times for re-spawning. This is so easy to implement.. and such a no-brainer.
    2. More beneficial spawn points.
    3. Drop-pods containing single-user items (all BF2015). Only the under dogs can consume these. The steam-rolling team, however, with concerted effort could destroy the drop pods.
    4. Increase BP costs for one team, discount them for the opposing team.

    And so on .. there are so many answers to match I'm balances, it's laughable that nothing has been done.
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