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Can we get an insight into the new anti-AFKrs system you’re working at?

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I know that Ben or Jay said on reddit or Twitter (Idk) that they were making some changes to the“anti-AFKrs”system and I’m asking to see more about it because in the last month the probability of seeing an AFK in a match of HvV (and not only HvV) has literally doubled, like I could play with an AFK 7/10 rounds now, while before I could enter a lobby with an AFK 4/10. Long story short is freaking annoying. I hope I can have a reply about this


  • This is kind of related to this but in hero showdown, I've had plenty of times where I have gotten killed and was spectating my teammate, then after the match was over I would get removed from the game for too long of inactivity. Can this be fixed or at least looked into?
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