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We need Card & Player Builds



  • Lee1981
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    Lee1981 wrote: »
    Zyder wrote: »
    Lee1981 wrote: »
    It’s not gonna happen now is it

    That game we have now is how it’s gonna stay

    well if devs truly care they will add content requested by the community
    Why would they do that if it’s not gonna make them money?

    You think by adding new cards, loadouts weapons for nothing is a good idea?

    Yeah because game impacting properly blinking heroes and hero sleepware are a priority around here. 🤢🤮
    Also don’t you remember F8RGE said making $ is not a priority for DICE. Just what EA share holders and the people at Disney want to hear. 🤨
    Card builds, like stats and a trooper only mode, should have been available to the community at launch. Have fun with 145 clone skins, EH and JPC though. 🤪
    Stay tuned for the June edition of yet more of that money making DICE specialty called “hero balancing”.
    Everything is always about the money

    How old are you..?? 10?!

  • Spiito
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    edited May 15
    The search feature here on the site will show you plenty of threads asking for something like this. The community has definitely been asking.

    Also there's this. ((Taken from here ))


    I don't know if this has changed since then. ;c
  • Would be an improvement so probably not going to happen. VO is more important.
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