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Community Transmission — Infiltrator Reinforcements

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Coming with the new game mode are two brand-new reinforcements. On the Republic side you’ll now be able to play as an Advanced Recon Commando, known better as an ARC Trooper, and on the Separatist side, you’ll be able to play as a BX-series Droid Commando. Both units will be part of the new Infiltrator Reinforcement class and will also have their own new Star Cards for their abilities!


The ARC Trooper is a gung-ho attacker that rushes into battle wielding his trusty DC-17 pistols. Yes, you read that correctly: pistols. This unit can dual wield pistols and fire them independently, effectively doubling his rate of fire.

With short-ranged blasters, this trooper needs something more versatile for more distant foes. To extend his reach, the ARC trooper’s Power Blast ability overcharges his primary pistol to fire a powerful blast, giving his otherwise short- to medium-ranged arsenal a ranged attack that can also be useful against vehicles. Aim your shot well and it might do just as well against an enemy Villain, too.

For additional battle awareness, the ARC can activate his Helmet Scanner, which lowers his rangerfinder. This emits continuous scan pulses to reveal enemies, even through walls. The time between pulses is longer than how long enemies will be revealed by each pulse, so you’ll still need general battle awareness not to lose track of your foes.

Finally, when encountering a powerful enemy, the ARC Trooper can even the odds with his Shock Trap. It’s a throwable device is manually detonated and delivers an electrical current that knocks down any enemies within its range. This is useful for both flanking larger groups of enemies and for tipping the scale in favor for you and your allies, including if you need a tactical retreat.

Overall, the ARC Trooper makes an excellent addition to the clone army. It is a very strategic unit and has the best results when played in such a way. Flank your enemies and support your troops for the best results.


The BX droid is arguably one of the most lethal units in the Separatist Army. Armed with a modified E-5 Blaster Rifle, commonly used by B1 Battle Droids, the BX trades rate of fire for higher precision in long-range encounters.

With the modified blaster covering the BX at longer ranges, it also wields a vibrosword to get the edge it needs to excel in close-quarters combat. Using either the melee button or the Sinister Strikes ability (both have the same function), the BX Droid can unleash up to three sword strikes in a row before requiring a brief cooldown. While the strikes don’t deal much more damage than a regular trooper’s melee, they are significantly faster and the final strike is so powerful it will knock an enemy to the ground.

The BX can also deploy a Smoke Screen by throwing a smoke bomb at its feet. The surrounding area will immediately be filled with very dense smoke that even removes basic UI elements like name tags and outlines, so the enemy view is blocked.

Additionally, you can pair the Smoke Screen with its final ability, Thermal Vision, for a devastating result. It makes the BX’s eyes glow red and allows it to see where enemies are located, including through walls and other obstructions. This ability also scrambles enemy scanners to further confuse and disorient them.

This set of abilities, combined with a higher than normal sprint speed, makes the BX a lethal opponent both before you see it and if you don’t take it out before it closes the distance.


All five Star Cards are shared between both units.

Name: Evasion
Effect: You have +1 Combat Roll and faster Combat Roll recharge times.
Level Unlock: 2

Name: Desperation
Effect: Reduces ability recharge times when damage is dealt to you.
Level Unlock: 2

Name: Interrogation
Effect: Forcefully reveal nearby enemy locations by defeating an opponent using melee strikes.
Level Unlock: 5

Name: Acquisition
Effect: Enemies dealing damage to you will be temporarily marked for easier retaliation.
Level Unlock: 5

Name: Stalker
Effect: Regain health when defeating an enemy you have revealed with HELMET SCANNER or THERMAL VISION.
Level Unlock: 10

____ __ _ ______ __ _

These two new reinforcements will deploy alongside the new game mode this month. The next Community Transmission will detail the mode fully, including what it’s called and what your objectives will be within it. The update is slated for release on the 26th of March. Additionally, the Infiltrator class is available without any credit costs for all players.

Charlemagne, signing off
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  • Not bad
    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"
  • are they exclusive to the new game mode?
  • Sweeeet
  • Excited
  • I had a feeling it was gonna be ARC Troopers and Commando Droids. Still excited, nonetheless. B)
  • Buzzing!
  • How much health will they have?
  • Nice mix of Lando/Rey abilities. Looking forward to the dual wield. Thanks!
  • ecy7b4zltci1.gif

  • Like the sound of the Star cards
  • Zyder
    270 posts Member
    are they exclusive to the new game mode?

    Nope! You can play them anywhere you can play a current reinforcement.

    So in OT and ST too? XD
  • are they exclusive to the new game mode?

    Nope! You can play them anywhere you can play a current reinforcement.

    But only clone wars era - correct?
  • Cadoth
    657 posts Member

  • are they exclusive to the new game mode?

    Nope! You can play them anywhere you can play a current reinforcement.

    Blast/Strike as well?
  • shhnuhgrr wrote: »
    jango and ahsoka confirmed. jTlZFRW.png

    You mean Sabine and Cad Bane? kappa

    lol! u mean savage and mace windu?
  • DarthJ
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    Sounds good!

    Now lets see the threads popping up about the new units 'sounding OP' haha

    @EA_Charlemagne is there plans to extend the infiltrator class to the other factions?
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  • Awesome news! Just as Count Dooku predicted! :smile:
  • Wonderful.
  • DarthJ wrote: »
    Sounds good!

    Now lets see the threads popping up about the new units 'sounding OP' haha

    @EA_Charlemagne is there plans to extend the infiltrator class to the other factions?

    Right now, we're just focusing on TCW era for this update.

    @EA_Charlemagne not to sound impatient, but when can we expect the New Mode CT? I just want to mark my calendar to get ready...
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  • By the way, @EA_Charlemagne will we have phase 1 and phase 2 of the ARC troopers or just one phase?
  • Can we get rid of Wookiee on clone wars maps except kasshyyk then? @EA_Charlemagne
  • StarWars0525
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    edited March 12
    1.)Any news on skins for already existing hero’s
    2.) Are Wookiee going away on all clone wars maps expect kaskyyk
    3.) Wil we ever have any arcade improvement updates

  • ARC Troopers! My excitement can't be expressed in words.
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  • Can we get rid of Wookiee on clone wars maps except kasshyyk then? @EA_Charlemagne

    Different class. That is enforcer class, I doubt they would make both an enforcer class ARC trooper and an infiltrator class ARC trooper. Maybe they would replace wookie enforcers with Clone Commandos on non-Kashyyyk maps though.
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