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Do you think lightsabers should block force abilities

1 it doesn’t make sense. 2 it’s really annoying. I have been killed tons of times by someone with like ten hp left because they just block. Nothing can affect them. Then I give up turn around within seconds they have me in a saber stun lock and I can’t move, jump, use abilities or dodge. And bam, I’m dead, killed by this player with so little health the task of walking should kill them.
Either force abilities except lightning need to be unblockable by anything except Yoda and heroic might. Blocking stamina needs to be drained at the same speed as if they were getting hit even if they aren’t, or blocking needs to be timed, you block close to before you get attacked not just hold it down or the block will break. What do you think.


  • It doesn't block Vader choke.
  • Lee1981
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    Stealth862 wrote: »
    It doesn't block Vader choke.
    Yes it does
  • Heroic might: you can hit anakin for a while and then just block it making it so all it really does is leave him open and vulnerable for attack even though he won’t take as much damage
  • Blocking force abilities does make sense. Otherwise Jedi and Sith would be thrown around like rag dolls all the time by anyone with force powers in the game/movies.
  • If you notice anytime someone is affected by a Force power in the films during a duel, it's when they're portrayed as off-balance or vulnerable. So yes, it does make sense.
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  • TastyNoob
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    If its a 1v1 just sit in a corner and block. Run away, your target turns his back? Gang him.

    2v1? gang him

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