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Hero's V villan's & planets + outfits needed

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edited March 14
Best way to do this is with the following:

Padmé V Aurra Sing - Alderaan
Mother Talzin V Mace windu - Dathomir
Ventress V Luminara UndulI - 41st elite Corp battle cruiser
Savage opress V Stass allie - salucami
Ashoka V The seventh sister - Malachor
Hera syndulla V Admiral Thrawn - Ryloth
Sabine Wren V Gar saxon - Mandalore
And finally
Mon mothma V Tarkin - sullust
Jyn erso V Director Krennic - respective planets from Bf1

Include additional appearance''s for palpatine, Maul, leia organa & luke

Palps: red emperor robes & clone wars darth sidious dark ritual & re-introduce his block from BF1

Maul: with his legs from mother talzin. And his crimson dawn appearance

Leia organa: seems quite stupid to run around on Craite and starkiller base as a young leia, simply copy her last jedi appearance from within the campaign it would be far more "canon" as most divvies like to throw around but consider that as a fact to chew on! Also her rebel princess outfit would be welcome.

Luke: his last jedi robes as well as his bespin outfit.

All classes need the ability to choose what race and gender you want to be aside from obviously clone wars.
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