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Broken Block

I'm putting it here because in the reporting bugs section nothing seems to have happened!

Since the Chosen One update I've found myself at times unable to use block and don't know what causes it. It seems to happen mostly with Obi-Wan and Anakin, but that might be because I've been using them most so have only noticed it on them. It ruins gameplay. Is anyone else experiencing this?

One moment it works, the next the blocking, the animation etc doesn't work AT ALL.


  • Yes, I've experienced this with light & dark side characters as well:/. Block works again after you get chopped to pieces & respawn.

    I'm also having sprinting issues since this update. (character stops mid sprint, or won't start sprinting until several clicks of the stick)
  • Noticed today during gameplay in HvV,when became target and attacking on Kylo Ren, stamina runned out and finding out Blocks stopped working. Could attack or using skills but no blocking until got killed, really frustrating specially when 1 player in chat keep being salty to let him play as Anakin.
  • I have this problem too, sometimes block doesn't work
  • I really hope they fix this, it's incredibly frustrating in HVV
  • hosco33
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    Yeah, and no hopes of having a fix on March 26th. No feedback from them, as if they wouldn't understood how serious and discouraging this is
  • Yes, I noticed you can not block after you have been playing for a while as a lighsaber hero, and it happens the most on the light side,
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  • Totalmente de acuerdo!!!Hay muchas fallas recurrentes con El bloqueo a pesar de tener la barra de resistencia llena!!!Favor de arreglar ese problema ya que es importante
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