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Can you allow switching sides and autobalance?

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Don't know why this is not in the game. Another great feature that is not implemented (yet?). This cause 15 vs. 8 players and matches taking long to wait for that 1 player remaining.

Why @F8RGE? You guys asking every month in the polls what you are able to add to this game to improve it. This will improve it a lot.


  • Zyder
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    bumping this
  • lok
    970 posts Member
    This has been talked about since release,they are not going to do it.
  • RyanK388
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    Any 1 else gets matches like this? Cause I do and I hate it :neutral:

    There’s that time where you join a match and your on the side with the best top 5 players that ABSOLUTELY RAISE HAVOK for the other team and beat them mercilessly and then the match ends you do well enough to end in the middle of your team for points, they, at the top with 20k+ points.
    Next map most of the other team left and you get switched over to the bad team... 4 out of 5 good players stay on The first team.
    You realize your in for a Bad Time.
    Match ends with a slaughter and you make it as top player for your team barely breaking 9k in points where the other team has 25k in points.
  • Empire_TW
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    An almost mandatory feature but considering this game's player base it would for sure be abused.
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  • Autobalance? Yes. Switching sides? No please. It would get abused like none other.
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