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Can't trust any star wars game.


Thank you for the half way fun time with the handling of the title called battlefront. I'm am completely convinced that everything else made by ea/dice with star wars in the title will be handled in the poorest of ways.
1. When you say battlefront I want no it supposed to have large scale combat on land and space that is not supposed to be linear.
2. It's supposed to have offline of those two game modes.
3. It's supposed to tell a story of a trooper fighting in said war not a special forces flake that didn't know what was going on.
4. How in 2 games over 4 years this has failed in statements 1-4?
5. After this do you honestly think half the people will pick up fallen order much less pre-order it? I will not pre-order it I'll wait for some poor sap to pick it up and watch it on YouTube to even see if I'll rent it first at red box.
6. Where is the large scale offline that was promised back in the summer of 2017?

I'm so disappointed in the handling of battlefront EA. It's not the battlefronts of legend. You know the 4 games that came before. 2004 battlefront, 2005 battlefront, battlefront renegade squadron, battlefront elite squadron.

Speaking of I wish they would port elite and renegade squadron over to ps4 and Xbox 1 and PC. Cause right now I feel that EA battlefront 1 and 2 are POS. There is and old saying that holds true.

If it ain't broke don't try and fix it. That's why there are some games out there that people still play everyday that are old games because they don't try to change a game that is perfect for that game title. Here at EA /dice it's like each year you make a game and it gets more unplayable by the year. And less people are willing to play them. But your star wars games they started of broken. And after every dlc update the games get even more broken.

Why should I buy Jedi fallen order? Will it be broken too? Where is large scale offline?
Why didn't you let free radical finish there battlefront 3? It would of given you time to work on 2015 battlefront. But you wanted to be the big dog.

This is the end of my rant for the month.

Oh p. S. You should not of called your games battlefront if you had no intention of keeping what made battlefront battlefront. You should of named it something like "star wars fronts of the galactic war. " that way people like me would not be here now telling you guys this is not a battlefront game. Don't know what it is but it ain't no battlefront.


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    I understand your frustrations but there's no real discussion to be had here other really than.. slandering EA/the license ect. The game is whatever is decided it will be. There isn't a .. it has to be like this. Maybe games in the past were that way.. but they are in the past and the industry/customers have changed a lot.

    There should be more news this month on whats to come as well as the new mode (finally). If you don't wish to purchase future titles, that's totally okay.
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