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Limiting the Heroes/Villains in GA DOESNT MATTER!

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There is going to be another "bug/glitch" that overrides it. Just finished left a game where there were 4 Villains up on Phase 2 of Yavin 4. PHASE 2 of Yavin 4.

Like this thread suggests limiting them to 2 MAX isn't going to work.

Limiting the Heroes/Villains to 2 MAX per SIDE on GA wont even do anything, if you CANNOT control the amount of heroes/villains on Phase 1 to 3 (depending on the map) Then limiting them to 2 isn't going to work. There is going to be a bug around it and there will be more than set number of heroes up.

Now if you had a kill switch that if there were more than 2 heroes up on each side or 1 on each side as the thread i linked suggests, then just do a kill switch on the LATEST hero or villain to spawn in if there is 1 villain/hero active per side.
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