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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Devs, I found a new bug

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edited March 22
I was playing a round of blast(crait ) on Xbox one and when it finished it match made me into a hvv on bespin


  • Bug nr:476 and counting.
  • Thats No Bug..

    Thats a Space Portal

  • Zyder
    401 posts Member
    I hate when you exist a match and instantly it searches for another, you have no time and then it absorbs you. It is awful.

    Also I don't know if people have complaint before but Anakin sometimes is not able to use any powers or even defend/attack. I know there is a bug about blocking but he can't do anything, mostly when you use Heroic Might.
  • omg these kind of bugs happened last year !!! SF put you in GA, HvV put you in blast etc.... nice job from the EOR Matchmaking ! can't wait to log in today and play double XP HvV. if it put me in another mode, i won't be surprise . thanks for the info !
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