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August Community Calendar

Aurra Sing & Padme

Padmé's Abilities:
Senators will: puts all friendly troops in yellow cooling metre as well padmé equips her naboo disruptor for a short period.

Deadly Determination: padme fires precise and explosive bolts from her blaster, that upon impact causes smaller explosions.

Queens Guard: padmé can do a series of fast melee moves without taking damage for up to 50seconds the damage that she takes increases her output.

Aurra Sing Abilities:

Ex Jedi: Aurra uses her previous knowledge of force teaching's to manipulate enemies minds to not be able to see her location for a duration this also allows her to equip her awsome dual blaster and make targeted shots. If in close quater she can fire rapidly.

Bounty Assasin:
Aurra is extremely flexible and agile this ability allows her to use a grapple on enemies if multiple enemies the grapple splits into an electric net also she can use it on building's to get to her next location

Rifle Bash:
Aurra equips her semi auto rifle, this allows her to change weapons and gives her the ability to smack multiple enemies with the stock of her rifle.
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