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-AU- PC Clan/community is Recruiting players

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My name is Razorbomb3 . I lead and represent the -AU- clan in the PC version of star wars battlefront 2 and I am looking for players to join us
Requirements to join -AU-

-Must be able to speak and understand English
-Country of Origin
-Have a mic for communication is recommend
-We utilize a discord server for our clan activities
-Be mature (current age to join is 16)
-Most importantly, have fun

The main objective of -AU- is to grow as a new clan/community. we hope to provide a place for people to meet others, have casual fun, and to win of course,

We are a laid back clan who enjoy both casual and competitive gameplay .

-AU- we accept and welcomes any players of any skill level, whether you're new to Battlefront or have been around since Beta Launch, you are more than welcome to join us

We have experience in game most of us have been playing from the Beta, We have no set time on how often you have to be on.

If you are interested feel free to reply or send me a message or

can add on Origin/Discord My Discord ID is Razorbomb3 #1091 and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
give you a chance to see what -AU- has to offer!

-AU- has a Discord, come join us there!

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