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Palpatine & hero and villan rant

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Why isn't palpatine present in capital supremacy? He is a cross era character (or am I wrong)..... umm didnt think so and the perfect hero to add as more balance should for sure be luminara unduli due to her actually being present in these battle's as well as kashyykk all you have to do is remove the mirialan skin from the spec class do some editing to refine the model and make the outfit they can waste there time making a pajama suit for dooku but not actually give us any decent new character's and before anyone pops off at me yes I'm aware that padmé and ashoka are coming but I couldn't care less, Ventress and luminara should come together as they fought more than 3 times over the clone wars much more than ashoka did with them alongside padmé & aurra sing.
I hesitate to say ashoka as current progressive content is lackluster at best and if they Want to get her right hold her back a bit to perfect her model and give us a bit of rebels content I'm way more invested if she comes alongside the seventh sister. NO HATE MY OPINION!
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