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A realistic look ahead

I think Capital Supremacy should be the main focus going forward, the mode has amazing potential.
Let's drop the skins, they're fun but we've been getting a lot of them and though some iconic ones are still missing, we need improvements on the gameplay experience right now. Same goes for heroes, we have a pretty complete roster now and there's no point in expanding it more (check out Star Bazaar's video on why reinforcements is better content anyway).
Obviously we need new maps. But maps are long and hard to make, so don't except them to bring all planets to the new mode. I don't think we should expect them bringing GA maps in CS either since they don't match the playstyle of the mode.
I think the best way to satisfy the whole community is to bring two more maps : one for the OT and one for the ST. We've been getting non-stop PT content for the last few months and this game is turning into a CW one. I'd suggest Hoth for the OT and Crait for the ST (only actual ground battle we've seen in the ST, they would need really good map design to make it work).
The biggest problem is money. The fact that they need money to work on DLCs is a reality too few players are willing to accept. So I think, instead of working on skins, they should create new weapons (another feature the game desperately needs) and allow players to spend real money on them (while letting them be purchasable through challenges/credits). Since there are already good blasters in the game it wouldn't be "pay to win" and it's something I think a lot of players would be willing to put money in, which would allow the devs to keep working on the game.

There you go, hope you find my suggestions realistic but ambitious enough, if not tell me why !
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