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Capital Supremacy and Gameplay Tweaks

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edited March 27
Hey everyone,

Wanted to give you a quick update on some tweaks that we will be making later today. These will be carried out via some game server updates so no downloads or downtime will be required.

The first change revolves around the Boarding Time that occurs prior to your departure to the capital ship. We will be lowering the time it takes to board the transport ships from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.

Accompanying this change will be an increase in the reinforcements you receive for making it to the transport ship.

This will be increasing from 2 to 3.

The Battle Point cost for both the B2 and B2 Rocket Droid will be corrected as currently they are reversed. Once this update is live the B2 Rocket Droid will cost 1,000BP and the B2 will cost 1,500BP.

The maximum amount of heroes allowed at once during Capital Supremacy is being increased from 2 to 4.

These updates have just finished test and will be live later this afternoon, Stockholm time.

Work is also continuing on the issue where you find yourself in a stuck state while playing Capital Supremacy. We have narrowed down the cause and are currently working on a fix.


  • Great looking forward to giving these a go later.

    Can someone just tell me if there is a point/benefit to boarding the transport ships before they leave? I'm a bit confused
  • Why more heroes? If its not broken…
  • Debot
    216 posts Member
    I concur. Leave heroes alone. Not to mention I think this would greatly benefit clones.....
  • Cadoth
    1182 posts Member
    Today I cannot play the mode, every game I join is already started so I can’t spawn due to that freaking bug
  • Disagree on adding more heroes. It was great with just 2 heroes each side.
  • I enjoy this change! It helps people spend their points and not just spam Ani! Make more cool characters available such as Padme/Aurra Sing, Windu/Inquisitor, Qui-Gon/Gunray Gungan Naboo(I love theed too but the gungan battle though), Ashoka/Ventress Sabine/Jango the list goes on and on and it would be cool to correspond with planetary appearance realism and era authenticity!
    This change would largely benefit from new maps and heroes that correspond with that era authenticity perhaps adding multiple faction battles on planets that appear in multiple generations! I loved playing with Princess Leia on Naboo in the campaign with the rebels!

    Love Chewie and the Wookiee but...
    -What takes me out of a “...Galaxy far far away” are the Wookiee warriors copy and pasta
    -Rocket trooper copy and pasta (where are the 501st etc... also resistance and rebel jump trooper copy and pasta is sad thumbs down) all collectibles should have at least 10 different appearance options ranging in RARITY and personal customization
  • What about "BATTLEfront" i mean battles between soldiers, because this "HEROfront" it's going broken. You take a lot of time making OP heroes, time that you can use to add new maps, new Starfighter Assault content (Hey, you remember that you have a mode known as Starfighter Assault?)...ETC. Maybe i don't agree with the stuff you are introducing into the game, even so i must say you devs have my recognition for the work you are still doing and not having thrown away this game.
  • Drfeelbad wrote: »
    Get those heroes out of here. Last thing I needed to see was a Ani running around with Obiwan with a Yoda boost.

    Also the crashing is a big problem as well.

    Dude .. if all 4 hero's are messing around by one capture point your team is taking the other 5.
  • Why are you arbitrarily making changes like adding two more heroes without seeing if that's what people want? That is mind-blowing.
  • What about the lag?
  • What about the lag?
    Now that is a point .. some of the lag has been pretty bad.
  • Without hero's isn't this just battlefield with lasers? Just saying

    Two is enough. Does battlefield have a 3rd person option? Not being smart, but that's the only reason I play this game beyond the fact that its star wars.
  • What about the lag?
    Now that is a point .. some of the lag has been pretty bad.

    Pretty bad? No it's out right nasty. Lag this bad in a multiplayer shooter 15 years ago wouldnt be acceptable.
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