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Confused about CS mechanics

1984 posts Member
I understand the Capital Ship part pretty well since it is a lot like GA.

What I don’t understand is the mechanics of the gain of reinforcements from command posts and how getting on the command ships impacts the game.

If anyone understands this, could you give a few quick details so I know what I am really accomplishing?

Would be nice to know from an attacking and defending perspective.

I read the release notes and there aren’t really any details about the mechanics of this.


  • OcDoc
    1984 posts Member
    First part to answering my own question...

    When you have 3 out of 5 control points, you gain a point towards the 50 required to get transport to the opposing capital ship at a rate of approximately 1 point every 7 seconds.

    When you have 4 out of 5 control points, the rate bumps up to around 1 point for every 4 seconds.

    I don’t know the other rates, but I get the gist.

    First team to 50 gets a shot at attacking the opposing teams capital ship.

    I really want to know how boarding the trooper transport affects “reinforcements”. I still don’t understand that part. Am I missing something in the CT that explains this stuff?
  • OcDoc
    1984 posts Member
    Figured the boarding part out...

    Winning the control point battle gets you 50 tickets for your team to take into the capital ships. The reinforcements you add by boarding the transport increases the ticket number from 50 by the amount of reinforcements you log from ship boarding.

    I think the term “reinforcements” sounded like something related to Wookiees, Super Battle Droids, jet pack troopers, and maybe even bots, but it is just ticket numbers.

    Hope this helps anyone just getting started, otherwise fine to close the thread.
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