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Who is this guy with sunglasses?

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Not too long ago, I've started to noticed a few people on YouTube using this same image as their profile picture. As time passes by, more and more people are using it as their profile picture to the point that it is a very common sight. They are now everywhere on YouTube (I don't know about other media websites though).

I'm scratching my head in confusion. Can anybody tell me who is this guy with sunglasses, where does he come from, what so special about him, and why he's very popular as a profile picture? :/
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  • EA_Rtas
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    It's from the original Deus Ex pc game.
  • I haven’t seen it on YouTube yet, but I thought it was the G-Man or the bad guy from The Matrix, but I’m not familiar with Deus Ex, so I wouldn’t recognize that.
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  • ARF365
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    Eh... Mostly cyberpunk FPS stealth RPG that predicted 9/11, Soda cans, *****, Obama, snickers and the & Knuckles meme.
  • EA_Rtas wrote: »
    It's from the original Deus Ex pc game.

    I see, thank you! I’ve look up about this game you mentioned, and it does seems to be a very good and popular game based on the reception. Also when looking this up, I presume that this guy with sunglasses is named Denton.

    However, my question about why this Denton is a common sight in YouTube as a profile picture still remains unanswered, especially when learning that this pic is from the game that was released in 2000 (or early 2000’s). :/
    PSN: FriedPizza773
  • EA_Rtas
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    Just going to put it out there, let's leave out the memes surrounding the game concerning politics. There's no need for it.
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