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This game is trash

You have ruined this game every step of the way. If I was this bad at my job I'd of been fired. So many glitches. **** like combat. Abilities that dont work fairly often. Anakin being so strong the game isn't even fun anymore. I'm a dark souls player. So lightsaber combat was my thing. This new change to saber combat is so bad I have literally quit mid match everytime whether winning or losing because of how unbalanced and literally just stupid it is. Do you use your brains when trouble shooting? Do you even care? I'm just about at the point where I'm done. I wont be loading back in I'd rather watch only the prequel romance scenes on repeat for eternity.


  • K, bye.
  • OcDoc
    2159 posts Member
    I guess I am good with dumpster diving then.

    Have fun in whatever gaming paradise you find. Chuckle
  • Lol I love you trolls. When your hero breaks down cant do any abilities block or swing and to top it off is influenced by the vacuum effect. You can ascertain it's not a dumpster but a landfill. P.s. I want a refund no lie you guys sold a broken product I want my money back
  • I don't see why they have lightsaber hero's honestly, that is my only gripe. might as well make it all infantry and elite infantry and tanks for BP earned. Because they will never balance or get the lightsaber combat to a point where it feels solid and responsive. this isn't jediknight academy it never will be. although there is a mod for jedi knight academy called movie battles 2 which saber combat is better. I'm not sure how the lightsaber combat on a game over a decade old is better then a present day game but oh well.
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