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Geonosis Should be 5 Phases Long

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3 Phases is too little. You go from the mountains all the way to the towers and then all the way to final ship. With how far apart the objectives are DICE could easily insert 2 more phases with how huge the map is. Phase 2 could have some heavy defense the Republic has to take down to allow the tanks to get into range for the towers. Phase 4 could be a repeat of Phase 1 and nerf the number of tanks given by 3-4 per phase.

Adding in more phases also would balance the map. Its too easy for the Republic to win because they always have the high ground. To make a good and challenging map the defense needs be able to do just that. The Empire side is completely outclassed especially for the fact they are on a planet the Empire buys all their war technology. They should be hitting the Republic hard.


  • No they need to focus on another map now.

    They should focus on creating utapau, coruscant, mygeeto...etc.

    No more Geonosis!
  • vonVile
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    What they need to focus on is class weapons. Still using the same stock weapons from launch makes the gameplay limited and boring.
  • Phase 4 should be taking down the big round ship as it takes off. Defenders are on the ship in 20 turrets shooting at ground troops. Troops attack from the ground.

    Phase 5 should be running away from the crash zone before it hits you. Race mode, all on speeders and walkers.
  • Phase 4 - If you die in a turret, you respawn in a new one, with a set amount of turrets available(?) The attackers have to attack the turrets to allow for damage to be done to the ship.

    Air support can be called in.
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