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Hey all! I recently took a break to play BFV, but still, I love BF2. However, there are some aspects that will prevent me from returning...
1.) The ttk: I feel that it takes too many lasers to kill someone. I propose hp be dropped to 100, to increase difficulty and realism.
2.) Spread patterns: These should be revamped, like in BFV.
3.) Enable prone positioning?
4.) More gun customization with specializations.
5.) Also, make rear melee attacks deal 100 damage.
6.) Give bombers actual anti-ground target bombs.
Otherwise, good game.
Threads Want
I want...
El-16HFE rof buff
Engineer class
Dual pistols
Commando class, ARC, commando droid, Inferno Squad, Insurgent, Shock Trooper(FO), assassin(Resistance).
Heavy/Light vehicle classes
Dwarf spider droid
Homing Spider Droid
Snail Tank
Saber tank
RO Jedha tank
Actual bombs coming out of the bomber.
RO season
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