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you should consider this on the next hotfix please DICE


i really enjoy the new game mode. games are long and gave us less credits that expected but maybe you will fix someday.

the worst thing about this mode is the eor matchmaking. i was in a game 20VS20 . game ends and it split us on differents games. i was stuck in a 3VS3 lobby and never got more players.

please please please remove the eor matchmaking. i had to go back to the main menu and try to find another game.


  • jonci
    1361 posts Member
    There is a massive thread dedicated to EOR MM, unfortunately hidden away, and don't waste your breath they are not interested, its received masses of comments and all we get is it works, when it doesn't.

    If they were really interested then they wouldn't go against votes on issues that they ask for and receive yet ignore, they don't listen to the player base, on important issues like sort out the constant server LAG that haunts this game and makes it so difficult to play. I mean they cant even fix issues that have been in game since day 1 so forget it.
  • yeah i found the massive thread and posted fews times... they read but not really listen to our comments. i mean, who asked for an emote wheel ?? any survey or massives thread about it ? anyway....
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