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hero v villian issue

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edited March 29
There seems to be an issue some light saber characters hits do not register and just goes through the players.
as well blocking with some to most saber characters cannot block when they are getting hit, even though they could have full stamina.

does anyone know if they are aware of these problems and if so when will there be a fix for them.

- may the force be with you all


  • Seems to be a lag issue. I noticed it last nite. May also be some new hack.
  • jonci
    1011 posts Member
    Always LAG in this game there is.
  • hosco33
    218 posts Member
    jonci wrote: »
    Always LAG in this game there is.

    Yeah, it's obvious they are doing a lot with new content, but performance must be addressed. It's useless having those many modes and not a single one is enjoyable, at least in my region (and all are cool, not only capital supremacy).

    They might be afraid of even suggesting some kind of mutual commitment so a base of players can sponsor servers. I would do it with love if they could guarantee lagging issues would be highly mitigated (let's say 90% of the time). But I'm not sure how many other players would be willing to participate. It'd be great if solution is inclusive so kids that enjoy the game and couldn't afford it can keep playing, and it will benefit also players who can afford it because they have challenging contenders, a win-win for everyone.
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