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Underrated heroes and villains?

I am currently leveling leia and i must say i am surprised at just how good she is once i learned how to roll better and play more sneaky. I thought she was one of the worst heroes but she wrecks villains who underestimate her. When i am put under pressure i can throw my flash bang and roll away. Her hp regen is amazing. The secondary fire on her blaster is sooo good also. Not just for sniping enemies across the map but it is so effective against saber villains who get to comfortable with the block button. Her shield even has its uses against blaster heroes especially dropping it when boba fett tries to nuke you with rockets. Any one else play characters they feel are underrated or under utilized?


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  • I also play a lot of finn and phasma. Finn is amazing in GA. He does really good in hvv if you have good teammates who stick with you. Same with phasma really. If people migrate around your turret you can wreck with her. Otherwise it gets kinda tough trying to be on the move constantly.
  • Obi Wan is seriously underrated. I think people just do not like defensive heroes.
    “The force is with me and I am one with the force. I fear nothing because everything is as the Force wills it to be.” -Chirrut Imwe
  • Obiwan gives me hell when teamed up with anakin. Of course i can always tell a good obiwan from a bad one but ones who know how to block appropriately force me to change up my whole strategy. It is especially a problem on maps where they can constantly push you off.
  • I play as luminara unduli''s sniper doppleganger
  • Iceninja
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    Han is under rated. One day I tried him when I was bored over a year ago, melted an entire team in GA. Then I bought him a legendary outfit, watched solo, and Han Solo became my second favorite Star Wars character. [Darth Nihilius still holds the first position]
    “The force is with me and I am one with the force. I fear nothing because everything is as the Force wills it to be.” -Chirrut Imwe
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