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Jedi generals, heros and villans

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edited March 31
104th battalion - Plo Koon
327th Star Corps - Aayla Secura
41st ranger platoon - Luminara Unduli
Corusant Guard - Shaak Ti
91st recon Corps -Stass Allie
501st - Ahsoka Tano
87th Sentinel Corps - Kit Fisto

Padmé Amidala
Hera Syndulla
Sabine Wren

Aurra Sing
Grand admiral thrawn
Gar Saxon
Mother Talzin
Asajj Ventress
Savage Opress
The seventh Sister
the grand inquisitor
And cad bane


Many of the jedi commanders had capital supremacy type conflicts within the clone wars for example in "Jedi crash" or "cloak of darkness both Aayla and Luminara have there shis under siege what better way to make the new mode more fun than having multiple jedi and villans converging in battle.


  • Soon there'll be more heroes than infantry loadouts


  • I don't think they are such crazy request's I mean if we have the legions what could be better than having there respective generals, looks silly running around in 91st recon gear without stass allie. Same goes for the other absent jedi masters
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