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Anakin is god

Lol i know anakin is getting a nerf finally "soon", but its kinda funny to me now.
I mean how the f*** was this approved by the devs in the first place?
Did they really think
"hey you know what this is balanced".

Got some clips that are now funny but at the tume infuriating and a couple of me using him to annihilate people unfairly.
Feel free to post some more if you have any that display how broken Ani is. Also feel free to try and defend him too could do with a laugh.


  • Except if you’re me and die within a minute in GA.
  • brienj
    695 posts Member
    It's so very satisfying killing Anakin in GA or CS, so much so, that I always record that footage after I do it. Killing any other Hero is meh, but killing Anakin is a rush, and helps your team so much for the brief time he is off the map.
  • Ive got some such satisfying vids of me killing noob anakins too, when you got someone that knows how to play a little tho they aint dying for ****. He is the only hero who i feel comfortable just jumping around the map clearing objectives on my own. Every other hero requires tactics and making sure you do not over extend. Anakin is just a cheat code really.
  • When you as Anakin can't one click players after nerfing any more y5ma8153fbk5.jpg
  • Lol i wish. They will still be running riot the nerf is so minimal and it isnt addressing the actual issues that make him unbalanced
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