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Clone Wars Heroes Automatically Unlocked

In the middle of a game in Capital Supremacy, I noticed that Anakin, Obi-Wan and Dooku were unlocked (I already bought Grievous by this time) despite not purchasing them through credits beforehand. I was wondering if this was part of the update or simply a glitch? I tried searching around the forums but no one seemed to have encountered this same phenomena. I also didn't want to put this in the bugs part of the forums because it might be a feature that the devs forgot to mention for that specific game mode.

Sorry for the paranoid question, just don't want to be banned for usage of characters I did not unlock.


  • Don't worry, they made all characters and vehicles available on the last update. I posted asking the same thing as I hadn't unlocked Lando's Falcon, they certainly kept it quiet :)
  • That's good to know! Thank you for the info :smiley:
  • The real question is, will we get our credits back?
  • The real question is, will we get our credits back?

    ... Baum tss.... was not the case when they initially removed the credit costs for Vader and palatine and all the others and will not be the case with these one either... Otherwise, they would have stated it publicly and not simply had done it without any mention
  • Enzyoo
    217 posts Member
    I guess the sense of progression in a game seemed too much for Dice to handle.

    Wouldn't be surprised of all star cards were unlocked at default soon.

    I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.
  • I want the unavailability of Lando's Falcon returned to me at once. I didn't ask to have it unlocked. I don't want it unlocked. One of the few things I thoroughly enjoyed about this game up until now is the fact that when I went to the collection screen, Lando's Falcon was greyed out and definitively unable to be played. Dice, please re-lock it to the cost of infinity this time so I never have the opportunity to unlock it, in case I one day go insane. Thank you and good day.
  • im personally happy that they unlocked everything.... i din't have to buy, dooku, anakin, and ray's and landos millenum falcon yipppeee
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